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the digital marketing?

  • 1. We use all channels and opportunities of internet marketing: SEO, PPC, SMM, SERM, UX
  • 2. Save your time - we work on a turnkey basis
  • 3. We are focusing on your client’s real Lifetime Value (LTV) growth
  • 4. All works are performed by professional team

Why Multichannel Marketing it is the best way to grow your business?

The purchase of any goods - difficult and multistage process. The great role is played by brand recognition, customer trust, comments in internet. We help your potential customers to find your goods and understand it’s worth. Thanks to our work, you get not just sales - you get loyal customers who buy regularly.

How does it works?

Step-by step plan how to turn potential customer to real client:

User doesn't know about your company and goods/services. We will help your company to become famous for your target audience.

Main channels:

  • - Banner advertising
  • - Targeted advertising (in social media Facebook, Instagram and etc.)
  • - SEO on information requests


Customer knows and trusts your company



Users know about your company due to action at the first step, however, do not feel the needing to purchase. We will show value of your proposal and how your goods/services can be useful for people.

Main channels:

  • - publications on popular websites
  • - SEO promotion of own site
  • - Work with thematic forums


Customer understands value your goods/services.



Customer knows about your company /services and understands value. Now we need to offer all range of your goods and services for comfortable buying.

Main channels:

  • - PPC
  • - SEO


The user made the first purchase.



Most of your competitors stop at this stage. We suggest continuing to contact the client and be useful for him in the future.



Description: Customer got what he needed. After that we must take care and help him. Also we need to get feedback about your company and services.

Main channels:

  • - E-mail,
  • - SMM (in social media Facebook, Instagram and etc.)


Loyalty of customer to your brand and goods will grow.



After some time customer wants to buy this good/service again or additional goods/services for order that he made before. In addition, we will help him again to reach your company, which he already trusts quickly and comfortably.

Main channels:

  • - SEO
  • - PPC
  • - E-mail

Retargeting (we show advertising for people, who attended your site before)


New purchase



Thanks to easily gaining of wanted result customer becomes maximum loyal for your company and you can be sure – he will make many more purchases



For all your

online marketing need.

We work on a turnkey basis!

Time is most important value. Choosing us, you get cohesive team of specialists who comprehensively work with your project. You don't need to coordinate work different departments and staff, we do this tasks independently. You can focused on development your business. send messege

Why people choose us?

Secret of our work is deep analytics. We explore your business niche, competition and find the most effective combination channels of e-marketing. All our actions aimed to increase your sales


Deep analytics

All our actions and changes are based on studying of competition, web-analytics data and results analysis.

Increasing Live time Value

We create long-term relations between your clients and your business to form loyal audience, who know your brand and goods


Internet marketing it is fast-changing sphere. We always increase our skills and experience


We use all channels, and we achieve synergistic sales growth, when each channel not only gives customers but also enhances other channels.

Why digital marketing?

If you do not know what kind of promotion you need, contact us and we will advise you send messege


Most effective channel.
The most effective channel for attracting primary users on the Internet. It is also great for raising awareness and creating expertise in the market.


The fastest way to get sales, almost immediately after the creation of the site. Flexibly adjusted and gives the chance to sell the most actual and demanded goods.


An excellent channel to increase recognition and form loyalty for the target audience. Helps in formation of audience and repeated sales.


The most important channel for repeated sales and receiving feedback from your target audience. Allows you to maintain contact with your customers and increase the average customer's check.

For easy start today!

We have some

special bundles for you.

Choose on of our single-channel packages to get fast start:

SMM Packages SMM JumpStart SMM RiseUp SMM TopReach
Budget $1,000-1,999 $2,000 - 4,999 $5,000+
Platfrom: Facebook & Instagram mark mark mark
Review Calls: Monthly Monthly Weekly Weekly
Reporting mark mark mark
Advertising Strategy creation mark mark mark
Ads and banners creation mark mark mark
Posts per week 10-15 15-30 30-50
Analytics Goal Setting mark mark mark
Remarketing/Display Ads mark mark
Community Design mark
Content Creating mark
Cost $999 $1,499 $2,000
PPC Packages PPC JumpStart PPC RiseUp PPC TopReach
Budget $1,000-2,999 $3,000 - 6,999 $7,000+
Platfrom : AdWords, Bing Ads AdWords AdWords, Bing Ads AdWords, Bing Ads
Review Calls Monthly Weekly Weekly
Reporting mark mark mark
Google Analytics Setup mark mark mark
Goal Setting mark mark mark
Remarking/Display Ads mark mark
Google Shopping mark mark
Partner Site Advertisting mark
Cost $599 $699 $999

Or choose multi-channel package to get maximum effect:

JumpStart RiseUp TopReach
Price of plan $1500per month $2500per month $4000per month
Included Multi-Channel Report mark mark mark
Dedicated Support mark mark mark
Digital Marketing Consultations mark mark mark
Social Media Marketing (SMM) abverb
Community development (Posts)
Each post may include a title, short description, image and/or links
Paid Search Advertisement
Launch advertising consists of:
  • - Definition of the target audience,
  • - Creation for the target audience of the relevant announcement that will be able to interest and attract the user.
Target Communities Advertisement
We carry out placement of paid advertising in groups where your target audience is present.
Facebook Posts - 15-30 30-50
Paid Search Advertisement mark mark mark
Community development mark mark
Target Communities Advertisement mark mark
Instagram Paid Search Advertisement mark mark mark
Community development mark mark
Target Communities Advertisement mark
Pinterest Paid Search Advertisement mark mark mark
Community development mark mark
Target Communities Advertisement mark
Twitter Paid Search Advertisement mark mark mark
Community development mark mark
Target Communities Advertisement mark
SEO abverb
Internal SEO
Internal optimization includes working with service page headers, text content, images, internal links.The table shows the number of promoted requests, worked out per month. 1 page = 5-10 requests.
External SEO
We establish contacts with the owners of other resources and conclude an agreement on placing links leading to the pages of your site. The presence of such links shows Google the importance of your site. More quality links = more search engine trust.Important! To perform this work requires a budget, which is spent on payment for placing links.The budget and exact volumes of links are calculated individually for each project and depend on the age of the site, the activity of competitors, etc. On average, one link costs between $ 50 and $ 150
Monthly number of keywords 100 new keywords per month (if niche is wide enough). 150 new keywords per month (if niche is wide enough). 250 new keywords per month (if niche is wide enough).
Internal SEO 7-20 pages website pages on-site optimization 10-30 pages website pages on-site optimization 30-50 pages website pages on-site optimization
External 5-10 links average from other sites 10-15 average links from other sites 15-20 average link from other sites
Pay Per Click (PPC) abverb
Paid Search Advertisement
We choose target requests that clearly reflect the user's desire to buy the product present on the site and set up the display of advertising. The user entered a query in the search bar - it shows our advertisement. Payment occurs at each transition of the user to the siteImportant! An additional budget is required for advertising.The budget is calculated individually, very much depends on the goods and categories for which you want to display paid advertising in the search, tk. can be and not expensive transitions 0,3-0,9 $ for one transition, and clicks on several tens dollars. Of course, we are looking for a golden mean, when for the available budget, we can get the maximum number of clicks.e
Partner Site Advertising
Banner ads placed on sites that are in partnership with Google (give consent to host advertising). Runs in the same GoogleAdWords service as search advertising.
This is an advertisement on the partners' website, advertising is not shown to all users, but only to those who have visited your site before. The fact of visiting the site is fixed in advance and if such a user comes to the site of Google's partners - he is shown an advertisement of a particular site that he has already visited
Google Shopping
With the help of Product Listing Ads, we show in search results your products that users are looking for.
Google Paid Search Advertisement mark mark mark
Google Shopping mark mark mark
Partner Site Advertising mark mark
Remarketing mark
Bing Paid Search Advertisement mark mark mark
Email abverb
The dispatch is carried out in the quantity indicated in the packages. Each letter is thought out individually, depending on the situation. For example: it can be the sale of promotional products, the sale of related products, etc.Important! The database must be at least 1000+ subscribers, then from the first month we start the mailing on the database + plan a strategy for collecting email addresses from new clients - if there is no database, we collect information about visitors and customers (their mail addresses) at the beginning (at least 2-3 months), only after that we form the mailing list. Doing a mailing to the minimum database in a couple of hundred addresses does not make sense.
Email Blasts 1-2 eMail Blasts 2-4 eMail Blasts 4-6 eMail Blasts
Promotions mark mark mark
Newsletters mark mark
Proactive eMail Processing mark
YouTube abverb
Paid Search Advertisements
In the process of viewing the video, users will be shown the advertisement of your goods and services. We prepare the advertisement in advance.
Direct Target Community Advertising
We are negotiating with "opinion leaders" (popular bloggers) in your topic. We agree on advertising your product / brand in their videos
Video Planning Guide
We study your subject and develop a detailed plan for creating a video, we study the themes of the video, we give instructions on how to record the video
Paid Search Advertisements mark mark mark
Direct Target Community Advertising mark mark
Video Planning Guide mark
Analytics abverb
Basic (Legacy code implementation)
  • - for each page of the site the standard code GoogleAnalytics is installed, which allows you to track the actions of users on the site and answer questions:
  • - what pages you visited,
  • - how long were on the site,
  • - which sales channel led users more,
  • - from which sales channels come buyers,
  • - A few pages are viewed by an average user on the site.
Extended (Custom code implementation)
Due to the completion of the code on the pages, in addition to the functionality described above, it is possible to track:
  • - which buttons are most often clicked by the user,
  • - what forms of feedback and how successful are visitors
Enhansive (Custom code implementation + ecommerce module setup)
Thanks to the introduction of additional code ecommerce module in the statistics appears detailed reporting:
  • - what goods and in what volume they buy,
  • - the amount of the average check,
  • - what products are viewed but rarely bought.
Tracking Reports Basic Extended Enhansive

okMinimum package terms - 12 months.

okPay for 12 months and get 10% off.